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The Birth of Birdzee –

Several years ago I purchased a new home. It was a beautiful home: perfect in many ways. Located on an acre of land 100 feet away from the main road, its brownish tan color matched the landscape. The tiled roof top presented an attractive tropical look and feel.

There was one issue that bugged me like a nagging fly. I didn’t have a concrete walkway on the right (as opposed to the “left”) side of the house. Many new homes in California are built and sold without concrete walk-ways that lead to the back yard. A concrete walk-way would make it more convenient, safe and clean to move around the yard.
I had an idea: I would build it myself.

Home improvement has never been my strength. I am a computer geek by nature. This would obviously be an adventure. I figured the first steps would be to research everything I could about mixing and pouring concrete. I would research masonry, take in a few demos at the local Home Depot and watch a few online how-to tutorials before I felt comfortable enough to “do-it-myself.” After hours of research it was time to make my concrete walk-way.

What a disaster! Somehow, I created a slanted gravel pit.

To my surprise my neighbor who lived 3 houses down from me was an experienced construction worker who specialized in masonry. He was delighted to remove my “gravel pit” and do a professionally built concrete walk-way at the fraction of the cost a major contractor would charge.
Birdzee was born.

A neighborhood skill set website. A website where the average everyday person could list their skill sets for FREE. Birdzee is a place where we can go back to building up neighborhoods and helping each other out.

Who in your neighborhood has the skill set you’re looking for?


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